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About Us

Dedicated to Converting Leads

ClientSwipe is a marketing agency that specializes in MedSpa Marketing. Founded by Jourdan Eloriaga, his passion for building partnerships that provide marketing and conversion strategies that generate profitable revenue streams sets ClientSwipe apart from other agencies simply focused on the generation of weak, non-converting leads.

Because you can’t take leads to the bank…


We are


About Us

Meet Jourdan, Our Founder & CEO

“At the core of every successful relationship lies efficient and clear processes that are communicated to our clients. You’ll be involved at each step of the process, but our team will confidently handle your campaigns while providing you with the insight you need to make decisions to grow your company.”

– Jourdan | ClientSwipe Founder & CEO
Facebook/Instagram Ad System & Management

It all starts out with our battle tested advertising system, which has a proven method we use to send you high-quality clients every single month.

LILY A.I. Automated Booking System

An Automated System That Communicates with leads in your pipeline to help convert them into actual booked appointments.

Personalized Live Call Center

Our dedicated call center representatives will follow up with your leads right when they are generated, as well as at various other times to ensure they are communicated with and enticed to book their appointments.

Local SEO + Local Listing Optimization

Finding the balance between relevance, traffic volume and competitiveness, we will create a target keyword list and optimize key pages on your site. From there we will produce content on 3rd party publishers to increase your local organic rank.

Tracking & Conversion Reporting

We track everything that happens from this campaign and every dollar generated to show you that this is working. There’s no guesswork on whether this is working or not.

ClientSwipe University

Then, you get access to ClientSwipe University. This is where we train you and your team on how to get clients scheduled, showing up, and how to upsell and cross sell your med spa services.

We’ll Book 30 Clients Who Actually Show Up To Your Med Spa in 90 Days… Or We’ll Work For Free Until We Do!

We’ll Run Your Ads For FREE | We’ll Call & Text Your Leads | We’ll Book Your Appointments | There’s No Recurring Fees | Never Pay Another Agency Again | Only Pay When Clients Show Up

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